Monday, 25 May 2015


Hi Everyone.

I have not been here for ages!!! New job, new duties, being very busy lately. I do still work on my house and designes. I have already prepared design boards for my living areas but..hmm
I can not find in local shops thinks I need to finish them up. Specially coffee tables and little stools.
I might show you very, very soon one of my living area. 
Today is about my laundry and toilet. Unfortunately, I could not find pictures before make over :(. I lost them in my washing machine as I kept my mobile in the jumper pocket and washed it. Pictures are gone. forever. :D  I do hope you can imagine how bad it was. The house itself is very old and the laundry looked awful. I guess it was not painted for years, walls were covered with dusty yellowish with holes in the and the worst think ever was this "grandma" little curtains hunged on the windows. Horrible. First think, I asked my husband was: "How I am supposed to ask our guest to use the toilet when the laundry looks like from previous century?!"

What we did. We add some colours in to it. I warmed it up with little things and details and also I am going to add wooden blinds. I treated the laundry  like a regular room. With the toilet, I tried to give it  kind of a pub look. So there it is. Pictures below.

Hope you like it.

Have a great day!


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