Friday, 2 September 2016


Some time ago I rearranged boys room. I also hang a swing. After couple months I can say it was a good decision. The room is more open and there is more light coming in and more space to play. The swing was a great choice as they use it constantly in this winter cold days. I wanted to replace the Expedit unit but decided to leave it as it is functional. I am waiting for the summer so I can start painting. The bed frame will be white and also need to repaint the walls. The boys wish to have a blue ceiling so I think I will go with white walls. I will also change floor coverings so it will be a good test for quality before I go with a whole house :D There is a link below to see the room before.

Actually, I am working on my lounge/living room. Below is a link to my inspiration.

It took me 8 months to find two identical bookcases. Finally I got them from Gumtree for only 150 for both. I am planning to repaint them so there was no point to buy brand new and paying high price. I will go with the colours showed in a link below so it can complete the rest of the house. Just waiting for better weather.

It is so cold at the moment so I am only making crochet and I sewn new patchwork for my living room. As soon as I finish with the bookcases I will post some photos with some projects I done in the past as well.

Enjoy your weekend.


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