Thursday, 26 March 2015


Today, I am going to share with you my latest work. I decided to refresh my kitchen. This reno costed me about 200$ with tools.

70$ paint

45$ wallpaper-on sale

20-30 wallpaper glue and painting tools. 

It took me two days to make it done. 5 coats of paint-after first one I was devastated:D Thought the colour would never appear as white.  But it happened. HURRAY!!!! Here are some photos of the kitchen when we moved in.

Luckily kitchen is from Ikea. As far as I remember, I have been always dreaming about country looking IKEA STAT Kitchen. I was so happy when I  had discovered I do not have to replace existing one. I just changed the front doors and handles, so now I have my dream kitchen. Almost…I still need new wooden bench top and sink with black, country looking tap. The best think about this transformation  is that it did not cost  that much-if you do not count hard work I put in to it:D
I also repainted the pantry and dishwasher doors using chalk paint. In the future I am going to buy little hatch behind the island so I can display all my nice little blue things:D  
Lets bring on some pictures :D

"Working Area"

Starting with wallpaper

Final Effects

You can see on the last photography how much difference the colour of the wall makes. I did not paint dinning area, as I am going to hang there Wallpaper and rehang my pictures. They are to high at the moment but about this transformation will be separate post:D

Hope you like it and that I inspired you just a little:P


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