Sunday, 15 March 2015


We did buy a house. :D
As far as I remember We were always dreaming about having an own house. It was not only about having one but also making it own, putting our souls and personalities into it. It was also about the freedom. Being so much irritated and tired of inspections, We wanted to have the opportunity to paint the house the way we like, hang some photos on a wall…

We thought buying a house would be the best experience of our life but unfortunately reality was far from that. Overpriced houses, lots of competition and nasty sales agents. After months of searching We decided to look for a house which does not bring so much attention within the buyers. Something with a lot of potential  and easy to transform. Lets say a hidden gem.
We FOUND it!!!

On this blog, I would like to share with you my story, experience and transformation of my house. All things are DIY made with low budget. You can also find tips on how to prepare, decorate and style your house for sale. I would like to show you ho little things can change the appearance of your house. I hope you will find it well.

Unfortunately English is not my first language then sorry for any mistakes.



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