Sunday, 15 March 2015


My first post is going to be about kids playground.The main reason for buying this particular house  is a big block of land and the  kitchen is overlooking backyard area. The place where kids can play as much as they want and you can still do some kitchen duties :). It is why we decided to start from creating a safe place for them to play. We chosen the space under the tree when they can find shade  all day long. Tell me which kid does not love trees? 
I am so happy with the outcome and boys love it. It was also published on Facebook's Better Homes and Gardens site.

 It is how it looked like at the beginning.

Actually, it looks good here :D Before it was full of weeds and rubbish. I started from making a little succulent kids garden. My son's wish :D 

Then all hard work started. We used old brick we had behind the house. The playground is made of pallets.


A little bit of styling and here we go!!!

Photography Jacek Bak

Hope you liked it. Enjoy the rest of the day.


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